Tredweld Plus System

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Until recently, aluminum grandstand decking systems have been built the same way since the 1970s. Now, we are proud to offer the Tredweld Plus Decking System – a revolutionary, proprietary technology that allows us to introduce components that are amazingly uniform. Our new decking panels are stronger, more durable and incredibly consistent throughout, with virtually no noticeable deflection. The result is a decking system that is truly built to last.


Tredweld Plus technology also allows us to install seating and handrail from the entry stairs to the aisle handrails. Try to find this level of precision on any other grandstand. With the Tredweld Plus process, we have the technology that will revolutionize the grandstand industry. More importantly, you can have the best built grandstand decking system in the country. Contact us today, because the Tredweld Plus is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

  • Fully Closed system
  • No open cavities to catch trash
  • Intergrated risers & contrasting nose strips
  • Consistent Fit & Finish throughout
  • No noticeable deflection


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