Welded Decks

Welded Decks Welded Decks Welded Decks Welded Decks
Welded Deck System

The grandstand consumer has traditionally turned to concrete for seating options. With Outdoor Aluminum’s welded deck system, we offer the rigidity of a concrete deck without the necessity of an annual maintenance program to protect the surface.

As with all of our raw materials, each piece of plank that goes into our welded deck is received at the factory and subjected to a rigorous quality control inspection. This assures you, and us, that the material used on your project is exactly per plans and specifications. The actual welding takes place in our factory where we utilize a proprietary system designed for the sole pupose of welding aluminum planks together.
  • Superior rigidity with virtually no deflection or "oil-canning"
  • Fully closed deck system
  • Integrated riser
  • Machine welded seams
  • Fluted walking surface
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