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Transportable Dura-Lite Welded Bleachers

Price Range: $4,412.00$13,895.00
Durable, Light-weight, transportable bleachers, with all aluminum construction. Standard features include; an aluminum angle understructure with an 8″ rise & a 24″ run, double 2×10 footboards, risers, 2×10 clear anodized seat planks, vertical aisle, and chainlink guardrail system. Our unique transport option adds wheels and a tongue to these units allowing you to easily move seating around your facility. Please note that these units are not intended for over-the road use. All Outdoor Aluminum Bleachers are designed in accordance with the latest IBC, and ICC 300 building codes.
• Aluminum angle understructure with an 8" rise & a 24" run
• Double 2x10" footboards
• Risers, 2x10" clear anodized seat planks
• Vertical aisle
• Chainlink guardrail system
Configurations & Assembly Drawings
TDLW 5-15
5 Rows | 15 Feet Long | Seating 42
TDLW 5-21
5 Rows | 21 Feet Long | Seating 54
TDLW 5-27
5 Rows | 27 Feet Long | Seating 74
TDLW 10-15
10 Rows | 15 Feet Long | Seating 82
TDLW 10-21
10 Rows | 21 Feet Long | Seating 104
TDLW 10-27
10 Rows | 27 Feet Long | Seating 144
Transport Kits are not for over the road use. Consider a transport kit when moving your bleachers from one point to another. Our transport kits only work with transportable dura-lite welded bleachers manufactured by Outdoor Aluminum and can be purchased using the link below. Navigate to the page below to find out more and to purchase your transport kit today.

Transport Kits
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